Some teeth are, unfortunately, beyond saving. We can remove them and prevent further damage and pain.


Due to trauma, decay, or other issues, some teeth get to the point of where they just can’t be saved and need to be removed. While this can seem scary or daunting, we take steps to ensure our patient’s comfort. With the use of anesthesia or sedation, combined with the latest extraction techniques, this procedure is less traumatic and virtually painless. In most cases, the extraction site heals quickly and any pain associated with the procedure is minimal.

Prior to the procedure, we’ll discuss all your options in order to determine the best course of action. If your other teeth are in danger of shifting due to the extraction, we have solutions, such as dentures, implants, and bridges, that can fix that, as well.

If you’ve had persistent tooth pain or pain that comes and goes, please make an appointment today so we can discuss the options that best suit your situation and get you back to the pain-free smile you deserve.

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